Punishing the Crime of ECOCIDE

What are ‘the most serious crimes listed by the International Criminal Court under Article 5 of the Rome Statute - which has authority over and above all other laws?

To date, there are four and they all are designed to protect humans:
      1. The Crime of Genocide
      2. Crimes Against Humanity
      3. War Crimes
      4. The Crime of Aggression

A fifth is currently under consideration. The crime of ECOCIDE! Under this provision, non-human life forms and non-biological conditions are elevated in value and are deemed worthy of protection by the highest court among nations.

Ecocide within international law "prohibits mass damage and destruction of the Earth and creates a legal duty of care for all inhabitants that have been or are at risk of being significantly harmed due to Ecocide." What is 'the duty of care'? It involves preventing, prohibiting and pre-empting human and natural environmental catastrophes.

If a crime of Ecocide is committed, punishment will be imposed through national courts and the International Criminal Court (ICC) or a similar body.

Four categories of environmental responsibility are identified in the statute: individual, political, financial, and business.

Promoting its passage is a topic that is ripe for artistic attention. I can imagine Reverend Billy Talen proclaiming its merits, or Tue Greenfort subtlely insinuating the possibilitiy into the public consciousness, or the Beehive Collective announcing the proposal and its global implications graphically.