Mother Nature or Lover Nature?

Switching metaphors from Mother Nature to Lover Nature indicates a radical shift from relating to nature as a provider, healer, and comforter, to relating to nature as recipient of protection, augmentation, and attention. This supremely special lover thrives on adult mutuality, as opposed to infantile dependence and lack of responsibility. 

According to biologist E. O. Wilson, humans are entering an “Age of Loneliness” because we are not only losing the companionship of non-human species, we are converting opportunities for love into acts of warfare.

Wilson notes, "Step into places of diversity, complexity and abundance and you find yourself going straight into the heart of eros. You encounter love, and from love one is moved to care, and from care to action, and from action to imagining a world without all this violence."

The artist, Linda Montano, describes the Eco-Sex field as loving participants who “shift personal paradigms about their relationship to one’s planet, and hence to ourselves. In my case, joining their workshop in the U.K. turned my world upside down for very good reasons, and brought my heart and intellect closer to the ground. All of the sudden I found myself in the English countryside, together with a group of amazing Eco-Sexuals having non-genital, breath and energy orgasms with the moon, the stars, and the sky. Or discussing openly our erotic exchanges with the grass we sat or took naps on. Expanding this experience into a broader context can have the positive repercussion of helping dismantle human suprematism over other beings, including the earth, among many other damaging isms.”

Referring to the artist Annie Sprinkle, and her activist partner Beth Stephens, she notes that the artistic and theoretical premise that the earth is our lover instead of our mother makes great sense, at the same time, it pushes one to reconsider outdated notions of motherhood. Mom is tired.”

Sprinkle and Stephens have performed fifteen art weddings, eleven with ecosexual themes. They married the Earth, Sky, Sea, Moon, Appalachian Mountains and the Sun in six different countries.





Others mayrefer  to this movement as ‘biophilia”, orlove  for life – leaves, roots, veins, wrinkles, feathers, skin, eggs, clouds, magma, rocks….