Jae Rhim Lee Markets Corpse Opportunities

Art and commerce officially coalesce with the expansion of Jae Rhim's Lee commitment to acknowledging the environmental impact we have when we are dead, as well as when we are living. The company's name is COEIO. It even has a nifty logo.

Mike Ma

This is Mike Ma, Founder & CEO

\Jae Rhim Lee

This is Jae Rhim Lee, Founder & Chief Product Officer

Together they formed a company "to help fulfill people’s last wishes to be as unique as their lives."



The company was formed to sell and distribute the Infinity Burial Suit, a handcrafted garment that is worn when being buried.  

It is embroidered with a special type of thread infused with infinity mushroom spores.  When buried, the mushroom spores act to cleanse the body of many toxins and gently return the it to the earth.  

The end result: our bodies are transformed into vital nutrients that enrich the earth and foster new life.

Why is this important? he Centers for Disease Control in the US says we have 219 toxic chemicals in our body.  These include tobacco residues, dry cleaning chemicals, pesticides, fungicides, flame retardants, heavy metals, preservatives, etc.  The CDC reports that the chemical Bisphenol-A (BPA), a synthetic estrogen and plastic hardener which causes reproductive and neurological damage, is found in 93% of adults age 6 and older.  For more information about this research, please refer to the following…


The new company is currently trialing and manufacturing the suit.  If you would like to receive updates on our progress, get early access to the suit, or special discounted pricing join our launch community.