Invitation to Visit Grandmother Earth

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GRANDMOTHER EARTH is well respresented in my studio. The buckets in this photograph are filled with Her seeds, bark, mushrooms, lichens, pods and many more embodiments of life that I foraged from the woods in the Hudson Valley. I am eager to share this bounty and the creative outpouring it inspires with you by inviting your participation in creating the work of art I initiated. It will be installed at CHRCH Project Space, an art center in Cottekill NY that is devoted to public interaction with professional artists.

On opening day, the artwork will occupy one end of the exhibition space. Over the course of the exhibition, artists and non-artists, students and adults are inviated to enlarge the artwork by contributing their own arrangements of these sensual forest offerings. By the closing date, it is hoped that the sculpture will occupy the entire interior. A closing day reception will welcome all contributors to a triple celebration honoring the diversity and abundance that exists in Hudson Valley woods; the consolidation of this profusion into a work of art; and the communal creativity that formed it.

WHERE: CHRCH Project Space, 167 Cottekill Road, in Cottekill near Stoneridge, NY.

DATES: May 15 – June 30, 2016

DAYS and TIMES: Every Sunday from 2 pm to 5 pm and anytime by appointment.

CONTACT: Linda Weintraub –    8

WORKSHOP: Can include foraging for materials as well as creating art with them.