How Many Ways Are There to Define Eco Art? At Least 110,000!

Wikipedia definitions of Ecological art and Environmental art succeed in representing the vastness and diversity of these areas of artistic exploration. This success, however, is accompanied by a failure to make eco art activity manageable to readers seeking clarity. These definitions packed with references. The breadth and diversity they intentionally incorporate overwhelm rather than clarify.

Wikipedia definition of ecological art includes:

....preserve, remediate and/or vitalize forms, resources and ecology of Earth,

....lithosphere, atmosphere, biosphere, and hydrosphere

....wilderness, rural, suburban and urban

....restoration, socially engaged, activist, community-based.

               ....politics, culture, economics, ethics and aesthetics

....artists, scientists, philosophers and activists


Wikipedia definition of environmental art includes:

....historical and more recent

                ....ecological and politically motivated

       and philosophy

               ....traditional media, new media and critical social forms of production

               ....rural to the suburban and urban as well as    urban/rural industrial.

In consideration of the reader's preference for doling out these options at a pace that matches learning capacities rather than onslaughts,  the introduction to my eco art textblook, TO LIFE! Eco Art in Pursuit of a Sustainable Planet begins by identifying one issue: the differences between ‘ecology’ and ‘environmentalism’. It proceeds, chapter by chapter, to represent the multiplicity of creative options that the Wikipedia definitions include. My hope is that these definitions will become understandable by the time readers arrive at the last chapter.

My book tackles the extraordinary range of eco art options currently being practiced by offering examples of eleven eco art genres, ten strategies, ten themes, and ten approaches. This provides 110,000 distinct combinations that can be highlighted when defining eco/environmental art.  Diversity signals vitality!