Fernando Garcia-Dory – Honored


Fernando Garcia Dory maintained his modesty even as he delivered an erudite talk and accepted the Leonore Annenberg Prize for Art and Social Change at the 2012 Creative Time Summit in New York city on Saturday.

His inspiring comments dealt with freedom being the most perfect work of art, that freedom could only be achieved through beauty, and that the special role of the artist involves conceiving of the possibility of freedom.

Artists are endowed with this culture-shifting capacity because they need not be limited by existing conditions and they need not respect the status quo. That is why artists can envision alternative values. They fulfill the myth of creation.

Dory then provided a few examples, delivered with humility, of ways that he attempts to fulfill the ennobling mission of the artist. In some instances he is an activist, organizing shepherds from many countries to guide their flocks into Brussels where the European Union was meeting. In other instances he provides a serene emptiness which is required to contemplate beauty and revel in wonder.

In sum, Dory’s distinction is earned by offering a gentle but compelling alternative to the two prevailing modes of behavior, neither of which are productive: we are either frozen in fear or are violent in protest. Fernando’s website