This two-word order is brandished in bold letters that dominate a red field, commanding its space as it commands the viewer's attention. The phrase appears on a poster designed by Critical Art Ensemble, and this poster is one of a series that appears in a new publication  aptly titled "Disturbances". Within its pages the group 'self-assesses' its 25 year history, providing readers with an opportunity to join in assessing a history replete with transgressive actions, civil disobedience, digital resistance, and contestational biology. Posters encapsulate each audacious action. They announce:

Useless Technology: Super Savings!

<p”>Refuse to Consume

The Therapeutic State: Freedom!

<p”>GM Food Is Everywhere You Want To Be <p”>Congratulations to CAE members for their brave pursuit of equity and health. An entire chapter is devoted to one of their landmark artworks, Molecular Invasion, in the book TO LIFE! Eco Art In Pursuit of a Sustainable Planet.