Down with the Anthropocene. Long live the Aerocene!

Never at a loss to discover new ways to disrupt social norms, Tomas Saraceno has announced an AEROCENE EXPLORER: BETA VERSION project. He describes the goal of the project, which is nothing less than challenging the Anthropocene and build a new epoch, the Aerocene.

The project proves that human exploration can proceed without fossil fuels, helium, rare gases, or batteries. It is:

Inflated by air,

Lifted by sunlight,

Carried by the wind.

Saraceno describes the project as "an open-source, Do-It-Together flying sculpture for solar-powered atmospheric exploration." He has announced an "Open Call" in which he invites members of the public to "be in the first Aerocene Explorer MOVIE - Share a 1-minute video of your Aerocene experience"

The Aerocene Exploer movie is a collection of 1-minute videos documenting the xperiences of people around the world. Along with the instructions provided at    , participants are encouraged to ‘hack’ the device's pack, and create their own sensors.

he Aerocene Explorer is a tethered-flight starter kit, which enables anyone to personally launch their own Aerocene solar sculpture and start exploring the skies. A tactile and engaging way to experience the Aerocene, the Explorer allows participants to take aerial photographs and videos and to collect atmospheric data using non-intrusive, emissions-free scientific exploration tools that measure air quality, temperature, humidity, and pressure.

Additionally participants can ‘hack’ the devices pack, create their own lightweight sensors, and lift them up. Data collected with the Aerocene Explorer can be uploaded and shared with Aerocene’s open-source online community, via an interactive website that will encourage participants all over the world to share their experiments, photos and videos, comments, and innovations.