Book/Web/Blog Launch

Please join me. Even without champagne and bugles, the launch of this website is a celebration of the creative ingenuity currently percolating at the intersection between ecology and art.

Today marks the culmination of the multi-year preparation to research, write, edit, design and produce TO LIFE! Eco Art in Pursuit of a Sustainable Planet. The book is the first guide for students and professors wishing to explore the burgeoning eco art movement and the inspiring examples of creative ingenuity it offers.

This day also marks the inauguration of the book’s blog that will provide continual infusions of information and commentary. It will ensure the book’s content remains timely as planetary conditions evolve, environmental predicaments surface, and new solutions are tested.

Internationally, artists are designing a new world order – complete with behavioral, scientific, technological, economic, ethical, and religous alternatives to the unsustainable status quo. Their diverse efforts share a common mission – to establish a niche for humanity that allows all life forms to co-exist. Their urgent appeal testifies to art’s crucial role in contemporary society.

This book/blog/website is devoted to facilitating their efforts in collaboration with instructors and their students on campuses everywhere. Please contribute to this exciting venture.