Behind-the-Scenes: Teaser From My Forthcoming Book

How did I choose the artists and the artworks that readers will encounter on the pages of my book?

In response to this frequent query, I explain….

This ‘curatorial’ process is laborious, perhaps even more demanding than writing the text. This is because I am familiar with, and have high regard for, hundreds of eco artists. Each was subjected to a rigorous vetting process that reduced the potential candidates down to thirty-five actual entries.  I’d like to share this process with you.  


1st vet: Because the theme of this book is ‘eco materialism’, only those eco artists who feature original material choices are considered.

2nd vet: Of these materially-oriented artists, only those whose work addresses the chapter headings, such as ‘tool’ or ‘beauty’ are considered.

3rd vet: Of those who suit the chapter themes, only those whose work involves the particular material that is featured in that chapter are considered, such as water for ‘creativity’.

4th vet: Of those who explore a chapter theme and utilize that chapter’s featured material, only those whose work is sufficiently different from other artists in this section are considered.

5th vet: From these finalists, only those artworks that generate a discussion that will engage and instruct the reader are included.