Join Me In an Exotic Journey into the Ordinary

If exotic journeys excite your imagination, the project I am conducting at CHRCH Project Space may be intended for you.

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Since it is likely that you have already mastered electronic data-gathering and manipulation, the workshops I am conducting might lead you as far from familiarity as Rembrandt sitting in front of a computer console.

The workshops venture into the domain of personal, sensual interactions with moss, seeds, twigs, bark, mushrooms, pollen, feathers, and innumerable other ingredients that account for the wondrous uniqueness of the planet you call home. Each of these materials unleashes dramatic narratives of relationship that can transform the bland landscape you observe out a kitchen window into a thrilling pageant, and reduce dazzling digital graphics into passing entertainments.

Such direct interactions strip the filters, buffers, and amplifiers that intervene when you rely on text and graphics. Direct multi-sensory engagement offers the surest route to membership in the emerging environmental era because it transforms  abstract data and virtualized experiences into personal realities as they ensue in real time.


Even topics as familiar to artists as line, shape, and pattern become exciting arenas of exploration and discovery when they are viewed through the lens of ecology. This is because ecology defines every element as a component of a system. Thus, even common objects and minute details are expanded by their influences upon their surroundings, which occur concurrently with their responses to the ever fluctuating circumstances the encounter.

In systems, relationships are the units of study, not individual entities. 

Open workshops for the public occur every Sunday between May 15 and June 30 from 2-5 pm at CHRCH Project Space, Cottekill, NY.