Linda’s books explore newly emerging themes, mediums, and approaches in art. She is dedicated to making these challenging developments accessible to students and the general public. Her newest book, TO LIFE! Eco Art in Pursuit of a Sustainable Planet (University of California Press, 2012) features environmental art, the timely art movement that is currently inspiring artists around the globe.

Excerpts from Books

Book excerpts introduce readers of this website to Linda’s accessible style of writing and her manner of making esoteric art both understandable and relevant to diverse readers.


Linda is currently a self-appointed ambassador for contemporary art that features environmental considerations. By serving as a guest-lecturer, she hopes to encourage others to join this burgeoning art movement by featuring the remarkable artists in her newest book, TO LIFE! Eco Art in Pursuit of a Sustainable Planet (University of California Press, 2012). Because of the interdisciplinary nature of this college textbook, several academic departments often sponsor her visits. Topics can be tailored to particular programs and local issues.


One to four-hour workshops, as well a multi-day visits, provide a means to expand interactions with students on campuses where Linda is lecturing. The focus of the workshops can be tailored to particular programs and local issues.


Linda’s essays reflect the broad range of topics that have occupied her as a scholar, social commentator, and art historian. Frequently, these essays have been written in conjunction with exhibitions she has curated.

Open Forums

Linda is willing to host open forums that examine the role of art within the broader cultural context. The following forum topics can be revised to assure that they are timely. Forum participants can be students, guest artists, other professionals, or members of the faculties of art and/or environmental studies, cultural studies, etc. They can be presented as formal panels, with each member presenting a position which is then discussed. Alternatively, they can be organized like informal town meetings. 

Avant-Guardians: Textlets in Art and Ecology, is a series of texts presenting the inventive environmental problem-solving strategies being introduced by contemporary artists. All three volumes are published online: Cycle-Logical Art: Recycling Matters for Eco-Art; Eco-Centric Topics: Pioneering Themes for Eco-Art; EnvironMentalities: Twenty-two Approaches to Eco-Art (Artnow Publications). The innovative design, production, and dissemination strategies used in the series apply environmental considerations to the entire publishing venture.