INDEX of ART GENRESAssignments for Eco Art Studio Art ClassesArt Genres SyllabusIntroduction: The esteem bestowed upon art is not simply earned by the qualities inherent to the art object. Since its inception in prehistoric times, art’s stature has been maintained by its power to affect viewers. While art’s themes, styles, and mediums have varied over history, the special capacity of art to inspire, sensitize, activate, reform, and enlighten remains a constant. In this class, you will have an opportunity to put this principle into practice by creating works in which the power of art is specifically directed toward alleviating environmental problems. But this out-reach aspect of eco-art is reserved for the second half of the semester. Weeks 1 – 9 Your personal familiarity with the material components of the physical world and its dynamic forces are the focus of the readings and projects. Weeks 10-14 Public display and community interaction are the focus of art projects that are designed to convey eco concepts, information, emotions, reforms, or solutions. Throughout the semester you will be activating ten different genres currently being used by eco artists. It is hoped that your art career ultimately includes some component of the array of eco-art opportunities you will be experiencing to confirm art’s legacy as a cultural catalyst. Humans and the Earth are stressed. They need your attention.

4. UNIT II – Display and Interaction