The essay in this book entitled "Eco Art Materials" identifies the broad range of attributes that describe the Earth's substances. The resources addressed by the artists can be characterized according to these attributes, as follows: 

-Non-living, non-manufactured, non-biodegradable, with varying degrees of reactivity:

Air (Helen and Newton Harrison) (HeHe) (Maya Lin) (Tomas Saraceno)

Wind (Tomas Saraceno)

Water (Herbert Bayer) (Amy Franceschini) (Andy Goldworthy)  (Tue Greenfort) (Hans Haacke) (Helen and Newton Harrison) (Yun-Fei Ji) (Allan Kaprow) (Maya Lin) (Viet Ngo) (Gerda Steiner & Jorg Lenzlinger)

Sun (Friedensreich Hundertwasser) (Red Earth) (Tomas Saraceno) (Tavares Strachan) 

Minerals (Simon Starling) 
Non-Renewable Fuels (Beehive Collective) (Bright Eke) (Tue Greenfort) (HeHe) (Michael Mandiberg) 
-Living, non-manufactured, biodegradable, and highly reactive:
DNA and Cells (Critical Art Ensemble) (Tissue Culture & Art)
Microbes/Algae (Amy Franceschini) (Gelitin) (Terike Haapoja) (Eduardo Kac) (Jae Rhim Lee) (Viet Ngo)
Soil (Herbert Bayer) (Mel Chin) (Gelitin) (Helen and Newton Harrison) (Red Earth) (Bonnie Sherk) (Superflex)
Plants and Animals (Brandon Ballengee) (Herbert Bayer) (Critical Art Ensemble) (Fernando Garcia Dory) (Nicole Fournier) (Andy Goldworthy) (Andy Gracie) (Jae Rhim Lee) (Maya Lin) (Bonnie Sherk) (Lily Yeh)
Trees (Helen and Newton Harrison) (Friedensreich Hundertwasser) (Frans Krajcberg) (Maya Lin) (Pedro Reyes) (Superflex) 
Wildlife (Nicole Fournier) (Helen and Newton Harrison) (Maya Lin)
Humans (Joseph Beuys) (Mel Chin) (Fernando Garcia Dory) (Marjetica Potrc) (Pedro Reyes) (Bonnie Sherk) (Simon Starling) (Tavares Strachan) (Mierle Ukeles) (Lily Yeh)
-Non-living, non-manufactured, biodegradable, and highly reactive:
Feces , Mold, Rot, Urine, Corpse (Gelitin) (Friedensreich Hundertwasser) (Jae Rhim Lee) (Superflex)
-The following system is created by humans. It is immaterial. Therefore none of the materials categories applies
Information (Brandon Ballengee) (Beehive Collective) (Mel Chin) (Critical Art Ensemble) (Fernando Garcia Dory) (Nicole Fournier) (Amy Franceschini) (Hans Haacke) (Helen and Newton Harrison) (HeHe) (Jae Rhim Lee) (Michael Mandiberg) (Bonnie Sherk) 
-The following system is also created by humans. Because trash can be any kind of material, every material attribute could apply:
Trash (Bright Eke) (Gelitin) (Marjetica Potrc) (Simon Starling) 
Project: Select one item from each of the first three categories and originate a way for it to be used as a sustainable resource.
Research / Discussion: Select one bit of information and one item of trash presented by the artists in this section. Describe ways they can be used as unsustainable resources.
  • Friday, 14 September 2012