Project: 'Technology' is a far-reaching term that may encompasses such simple tools as a knife, vastly more complex machines such as a space station, and non material technologies like computer software. All technologies are designed to increase the human ability to control and adapt to the environment. The artists in this section represent a special category of technology by partnering with living entities. Create a work of art in which you partner with a living entity to accomplish a task. For example, you might adopt worms to compost or plant grasses to prevent erosion.

Research / Discussion: Biotechnologies use biological processes in industrial production. Early examples of biotechnology include the making of cheese, wine, and beer. Later examples include vaccines and insulin production. June 16, 1980 is cited as the day the field of modern biotechnology originated. On that day the US Supreme Court ruled that a genetically modified organism could be patented. All of the artists in this section demonstrate the potential of biotechnologies to improve health and security, and even to create art. Yet there are well-documented concerns about the long-term safety of biotech procedures. Select any two artists and explore possible dangers associated with their projects.

  • Friday, 14 September 2012