Project: "Labor-Saving", "Convenient", "Effortless", "Quick-and-Easy", "Automatic", these words recur in advertisements because manufacturers tend to assume that consumers desire more leisure, not more work. A reverse value system is presented by the DIY movement. It promotes more effort and less leisure. Test your DIY potential by adopting a DIY strategy utilized by any of the artists in this section. Fournier - forage food; Franceshini - create an energy source; Jeremijenko - adapt a robotic toy dog; Hundertwasser - recycle your bodily waste; Lee - fertilize a plant with your bodily waste; Potrc - personalize your architecture; Starling - dismantle and assemble an object from the parts to fulfill a new function; Sherk - nurture an item you will eat;  Superflex - produce a drink you would otherwise purchase; Yeh - capture solar energy.  

Research / Discussion: Select one DIY work by any artist discussed in this section. Estimate how it compares it to its industrial counterpart and explain your reason. Did you think it take more or less time to produce? Is it more or less polluting? Does it produce more or less waste?  Does the product perform better or worse? Does it yield more or less personal satisfaction? Does it generate more or less personal independence?  Does it provide more or less opportunity for self-expression?

  • Friday, 14 September 2012