Deforestation is the permanent destruction of forests and woodlands causing extinction, erosion, climate change, desertification, and displacement of populations. Clearing land for agriculture, harvesting trees for fuel, and logging are the primary causes of the rampant deforestations in Brazil, Mexico, and Tanzania. These are the sites of deforestation featured in works by Krajcberg, Reyes, and Superflex respectively. In contrast, Lin's poetic evocation of phenomena that may soon be missing from the Earth is presented from a global perspective.

Project: Deforestation generated melancholy for Lin, despair in Krajcberg, a strategic remedy for Reyes, and a technological remedy by Superflex. Create a work of art by applying one of these approaches to trees that once grew on a specific tree-less site in your neighborhood.

Research / Discussion: Choose a work of folk art from Brazil, Mexico, or Tanzania (the locations of artworks by Krajcberg, Reyes, and Superflex) that represents trees or a forest. How do trees factor into this region's mythology, economy, politics, and/or religion? Compare your analysis to the history of the destruction of the forests in that region. Does the work of folk art you selected reflect this regional history? 

  • Friday, 14 September 2012