Beuys and Ji represent members of the population who anticipate infrastructure breakdowns of coal fired power plants, political disruptions of crude oil deliveries, melt-downs of nuclear power plants, or terrorist attacks on hydro-electric dams. Franceschini, Potrc, Strachan, Saraceno, Superflex and Yeh explore safer and more reliable energy-generating alternatives that are recognized and accepted. Starling, however, introduces a means to generate energy that is missing from most explorations of alternative energy-generating schemes. He relies on his own muscles!

Project: Create a work of art that generates energy by utilizing the muscle exertion of the artist and activating muscle exertion by members of the audience.

Research / Discussion: Choose a task that is commonly conducted by a machine (e.g. brushing your teeth, sawing a 12" diameter log, grinding one cup of peanuts into peanut butter, slicing a one pound loaf of bread, etc.). How many calories would you have to consume in order to perform this task through muscle-power instead of machine-power? Are muscles an efficient alternative energy source for this task?

  • Friday, 14 September 2012