READ TO LIFE! Read the chapter on Saraceno and any other two chapters featuring the artists mentioned below. 
Varied approaches to photography and video include recording an ephemeral artwork (Goldsworthy); registering communications between participants of an artwork (Gracie); visualizing invisible micro life forms (Haapoja); conveying information (Harrisons); providing instructions (Kaprow); evoking loss (Lin); rallying public support (Reyes); visualizing weather (Saraceno); recording art processes as an art theme (Starling); reporting laboratory experiments (Strachan); evoking an impending climate crisis (Zurkow).

PROJECT: Depict it.

Use a camera to document the affect of wind and/or water upon an object or location. This evidence can be discovered as a 'ready-made', as when storm water has gouged out a gully or wind has bent the branches of a tree. Or it can be contrived. For instance, you might blow on powder or saturate a ball of cotton.

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