READ TO LIFE! Read any three chapters by the artists mentioned below. 

The living mediums utilized by bio artists include frogs (Ballengee); grasses (Bayer), grains (Critical Art Ensemble); sheep (Dory); weeds (Fournier); algae (Franceschini); the artists' bodies (Gelitin); plants (Gracie, Haacke, Harrisons, Ngo, Sonfist); fish (Gracie, Haacke, Harrisons); microorganisms (Gelitin, Haapoja, Kac, Hundertwasser, Superflex); tissue (Tissue Culture & Art); fungi (Lee); fruit (Harrisons, Sherk); vegetables (Fournier, Sherk); trees (Bayer, Hundertwasser, Reyes, Sonfist); flower (Saraceno); farm animals (Sherk).

PROJECT: Convey Information.

The following bio art project involves cultivating living entities. You will quickly discover the distinguishing feature of bio art - it requires you to become a 'nurturer' in order to keep the living entity alive. You probably experienced this relationship with a pet. For this project, the living beings you will be tending are workers, not pets. Their job is to produce a nutritious and tasty food for you and your classmates through the process 'fermenting'. Fermentation is defined as the biological reproduction and breeding of microorganisms (bacteria, yeasts, and molds) applied to the production of food.  

First, gather information about cultivating one of the following foods: bread, sauerkraut, kimchi, yogurt, cheese, vinegar, or pickles. (Recipes are available online). Create a detailed photographic record of yourself cultivating one of these foods (from acquiring the ingredients to tasting the product). Celebrate the publication of the book by organizing a "Taste My Art" event.

In order to include the public in this project, create a Fermentation Instruction Manual by compiling each student's photographs into a single document to distribute online.  
  • Friday, 14 September 2012