Brandon Ballengée

Brandon Ballengée engages in renewing, not inventing.

Beehive Collective

The Beehive Collective joins Yun-Fei Ji, Maya Lin, and Marina Zurkow in using graphic means to protest a dangerous environmental condition.

Mel Chin

"I'm always striving to find the right material for capturing the specific weirdness of the present moment."

Chu Yun

By evoking the serene visual beauty of the night sky, Chu Yun provides a particularly curious example of a disruptive eco artist.

Critical Art Ensemble

CAE's politically-charged mission was formulated out of objections to the privilege of education and the privatization of production in society.

Fernando Garcia Dory

Fernando Garcia-Dory is equally concerned about endangered cultures that are being subsumed in the frenetic pace of technological innovation, industrial transformation, and market globalization.

Bright Ugochukwu Eke

Dress plays an important role in Nigerian society. Eke took advantage of this cultural tradition when he created raincoats.

Nicole Fournier

"This poly-agriculture is about embracing the messiness of Nature in its diversity, as opposed to trying to controlling it, through monoculture."

Amy Franceschini

By enlisting scientists to help her realize her art projects, Franceschini joins a growing number of artists who have interjected 'scientist' into art's line-up of assistants and collaborators.


Gelitin includes duration in its toolbox of expressive means by amplifying the challenges surrounding 'real-time' art.

Andy Goldsworthy

Although Andy Goldsworthy occasionally imports materials, he is most known for utilizing the physical conditions and resources already existing on the site where his work is fabricated.

Andy Gracie

The first quandary posed by fish, plant, rack (2004) by Andy Gracie involves identifying the category of contemporary art-making that best represents this curious installation.

Tue Greenfort

Tue Greenfort exhibited Two Degrees in a gallery spacethat exemplifies a white box. However, this artwork challenges O'Doherty's assertion that this style of architectural interior acts as a neutral and otherworldly setting for the display of art.

Terike Haapoja

Haapoja diverges from anthropocentrism by highlighting the importance of non-human organisms.


In terms of spelling, 'eairth' is a slight modification of the word 'earth'. But in terms of meaning, the transformation is momentous. The appearance of the word 'air' in the midst of 'earth' reveals that earthlings exist immersed in a vast ocean of air. Of the traditional four elements, it is only air that surrounds us every instant.

Natalie Jeremijenko

Jeremijenko places science within the category of art in order to empower people to look critically at science which would otherwise appear authoritative and inaccessible to them. She believes that if science is incorporated into art, people will be more likely to form opinions about it.

Yun-Fei Ji

Yun-Fei Ji and Ai Weiwei are both Chinese artists who protest the country's headlong rush into modernity.

Eduardo Kac

Kac contributed to the expansion of painting techniques and mediums when he incorporated living biological processes to create biotopes in 2006. It remains to be seen if cultivating microbial life forms will become a typical a part of an artist's training in the future, but Kac created another work of art that indicates the significance of his contribution in the present.

Jae Rhim Lee

Just as science fiction writers can anticipate inventions that haven't yet entered the imaginings of engineers, so eco artists can introduce original concepts that may eventually serve practical needs. Such may be the case with Jae Rhim Lee.

Maya Lin

During my visit to Maya Lin's studio in Manhattan, the artist surprised me by stating that her primary focus was on the future, and that she is an optimist.

Michael Mandiberg

Michael Mandiberg practices hactivism by trespassing onto commercial sites in order to draw attention to the consumerist activity being promoted there. He does not apply his programming skills to clog servers, unleash viruses, or otherwise damage and disrupt sites.

Viet Ngo

Symbols are absent from the pragmatic water purification projects undertaken by Viet Ngo. Despite the large-scale engineering feats that distinguish his corporation, Lemna International, aesthetics matter to him.

Marjetica Potrc

An artist whose work stems from the dire conditions that are rampant in slums around the world may seem like an unlikely contributor to the age-old discourse on the nature of beauty. 

Red Earth

Journeying backward in time to experience early human sensibilities is currently being routed through vision quests, special breathing exercises, guided visualizations, drumming, chanting, cleansing with fire and water, invocations, listening in silence, meditation, offerings, incense, anointments, and so forth.

Pedro Reyes

Activism is prevalent among eco artists who are impatient to establish behaviors and policies among humans that promote environmental responsibility. Besides activating individuals, some eco artists also attempt to activate institutions.

Tomas Saraceno

Tomas Saraceno was selected to represent the reconfiguration of photography within this book because he went beyond depicting environmental imagery.

Simon Starling

Starling conducts art like an Xsport. His efforts are often so extreme they carry the charm of clownish stunts, always involving a skill he has not yet acquired: model-making, boat-building, bicycle construction, chair fabrication, etc.

Gerda Steiner and Jörg Lenzlinger

The materials that comprise the contemporary environment cannot simply be divided into two categories - those that are beneficial and those that are harmful. Steiner / Lenzlinger demonstrate that quantity must be factored into such accountings.

Tavares Strachan

Comte de Lautreamont (1846-1870) was a French poet who greatly influenced the Surrealists by proclaiming that a volley of surprising thoughts and emotions would erupt simply by changing the context in which an object is situated. He provided an example of such a displacement  - an umbrella, placed beside a sewing machine, lying on a dissecting table.


Veterinarians, geologists, astronomers, dentists don't have the problem that often confronts art professionals. This is the problem of identifying the objects that receive their professional attention. Artists continually tamper with and expand the range of their activities.

Reverend Billy Talen

Reverend Billy Talen recognizes that many environmental causes require halting behaviors that damage or deplete the environment.

Tissue Culture & Art

Artists of the sublime prefer mystery to scientific data, awe to comprehensibility, and enchantment to statistics.

Lily Yeh

Lily Yeh integrates folk artists into the restoration and revitalization projects she identifies as part of her fine art practice.

Marina Zurkow

In Poster Children, Zurkow's cartoon renderings conjure apocalyptic fantasies of the deluge that is predicted to accompany climate change in the coming decades.