Libraries Come Alive

I am pleased to share this update on the ever-expanding projects being conducted by Bonnie Sherk. It was prepared by the artist:

I have been engaged for many years in San Francisco working to create a consciousness of whole watersheds, and in particular the Islais Creek Watershed, the largest of seven in SF.  I have been developing ecological artworks in this Watershed for decades: (Sitting Still 1-1970, The Farm - 1974-80; OMI/Excelsior Living Library & Think Park with three schools - 1995 to Present; Bernal Heights Living Library & Think Park at two schools -2002 to Present).


Since 2002, I have also been developing the Bernal Heights Living Library & Think Park Nature Walk that is linking multiple public resources:  schools, parks, public housing, streets, other open spaces all leading to the currently hidden Islais Creek at the south side of one of the parks - St. Mary's Park - through planting a new, narrative, expressive landscape with CA native trees and understory, interpretive signage, and integrated community programs.  This Nature Walk is a prototype for what could be occurring throughout the Whole Watershed to interconnect all eleven neighborhoods and daylight the Creek where it is feasible. 

I am also proposing the creation of Northern & Southern Gateways to this Watershed incorporating two major freeway interchanges with alot of "dead", open space land and much Creek water below grade.  Needless to say, this is a long term initiative.  This work has been funded over the years by Mayor's Office of Community Development (master plan), SF Foundation (design development master plan), California Department of Forestry (2 grants for planting trees & establishment), and currently, CA Strategic Growth Council (further design, planting trees & understory, plant establishment).  To date, over 1000 trees and hundreds of understory plants are in place and some of the signage.