Informal Bio

 Who am I professionally?

makingcap.jpgProfessionally I am a writer, curator, educator, and artist. Currently I am writing a series of college textbooks entitled Avant-Guardians: Textlets in Art and Ecology. The title of the first book is EcoCentric Topics: Pioneering Themes for Eco-Art. The title of the second is Cycle-Logical Art: Recycling Matters for Eco-Art. The third will be published soon. Its title is EnvironMentalities: Twenty-Two ecobookscap.jpgApproaches to Eco-Art. Multiple short textlets make it possible to integrate ecology into diverse areas of college instruction. This format also serves the project’s environmental mandate since it minimizes waste. Environmental considerations also account for the texts’ innovative design, production, and distribution. I established Artnow Publications to initiate an environmentally responsible alternative to conventional art publishing strategies.


processcapedgecap.jpgTwo other books explore how artists who are “free radicals” vitalize culture: In the Making: Creative Options for Contemporary Art (2003) identifies the aspects of becoming an artist that are typically neglected from curriculums: choosing your audience, mission, inspiration, attitude, and definition of success. Art on the Edge and Over: Searching for Art’s Meaning in Contemporary Society (1995) explores the social, religious, economic, and political sources of artistic

Many of the fifty-five exhibitions I have curated toured nationally and internationally, animalcap.jpglandmarkcap.jpgand most were accompanied by book-length catalogues. They include Process and Product: The Making of Eight Contemporary Masterworks, Landmarks: New Site Proposals by Twenty Pioneers of Environmental Art, Art What Thou Eat: Images of Food in American Art, The Maximal Implications of the Minimal Line, Is It Art?, and Animal. Anima. Animus.


I was the director of the Edith C. Blum Art Institute at Bard College for ten years, and Henry R. Luce Professor of Emerging Arts at Oberlin College from 2000-2003 where I taught eco-art. I have presented lectures on contemporary art at University of California Los Angeles, American University, Colgate College, Indiana State University, Kansas City Art Institute, Minneapolis College of Art, University of Minnesota, University of Colorado, University of New Mexico, Arizona State University, Pratt, New York University, University of Massachusetts, Virginia Commonwealth, etc. I earned a Master of Fine Arts degree from Rutgers University.linecap.jpglegercap.jpgbentoncap.jpgconnoisseurcap.jpg














Who am I non-professionally?

feedlambcap.jpgNon-professionally, I’m distressed by impending environmental calamities and too impatient to wait for the awakening of global eco-consciousness. Thus, my environmental activism is occurring on the home front. I transformed a pre-fabricated industrial structure that is made of recycled cars into a super-efficient home. It is heated geothermally. I am tending to eleven acres of rocky hillside to coax it into vital and productive eco-systems: meadow, forest, garden, stream, pond, and pasture. I have learned the ancient system of terracing to create zones of fertility. Terraced land is the site of herb and vegetable gardens, berry bushes, and fruit trees. They are thriving in soil I created through intense babyduckscap.jpgmushroomcap.jpgcomposting. The stream has also been terraced to create a series of ponds where fish now spawn. Chickens, ducks, lambs, cat fish, and bass are raised for pleasure and nourishment. My family’s diet is supplemented by wild turkey, venison, wild mushrooms, and nourishing weeds.

My environmental philosophy is made evident in these lifestyle decisions. I believe that the widespread yearning for intimate rapport with the non-human world is best achieved by activating functional relationships with eco-systems. Digging, stacking, raking, weeding, watering kindle sensibilities attuned to growth patterns and life cycles. It is difficult to describe them because they exceed familiar observations, aesthetics, and emotions. Staying home has become an adventuresome exploration and a source of constant celebration



1interiorstair.jpg1interiorkitchen.jpgiinteriorlivingrn.jpghouseextcap.jpggardencap.jpggatheringcap.jpgkivaextcap.jpgediblecap.jpgfirepitcap.jpg 1mala.jpg











Making Maple Syrup



Buckets Collecting Maple Sap

Winter Garden in Cold Frames 


Winter Cold Frame Garden 




Dad Turkey 
close-up garden 2012


Dressing Chickens


Geese. Ducks. Turkeys.





Spring Lambs