Exhibitions Curated


Aesthetics of Persuasion: Graphic Visualization of Entreaties & Warnings by Artists, Graphic Designers, and Neighbors. Woodstock Byrdcliffe Guild, 2018.

What’s Next? Composed to Decompose: Eco Materialism, co curated with SUNY New Paltz Sculpture students and Professor Michael Asbill, Unison Art Center, New Paltz, NY, 2018.

Rally ‘Round the Flag of Justice, ARTNAUTS 20th Anniversary Exhibition Redline Gallery, Denver 2016-2017

Members Exhibition, Kleinert James Gallery, Woodstock Byrdcliffe Guild, Annual Members exhibition, 2016 and 2017


In Search of the Picturesque: Nineteenth Century Images of Industry Along the Hudson, Bard College 1984

Land-Marks: New Site Proposals by 22 Pioneers of Environmental Art, Bard College 1984

Charmed Places: Hudson River Artists: Their Houses, Studios, and Vistas, Bard College 1987

Buckminster Fuller: Harmonizing Nature, Humanity, and Technology, Bard College 1990

Along the Garden Path: Fantasy Gardens in the Industrial Landscape, Delaware Center for Contemporary Art, 1990

Demo Eco M.O. Demonstrations of Ecological Modes of Operation, Nurture Art 2008

Teeny Green. Cedar Crest College, 2008

Where Lies Henry Hudson? Byrdcliffe Woodstock Guild, 2009

30 Below: Eco Fashion Runway, Edgewood College, 2009

Dear Mother Nature, Dorsky Museum of Art, SUNY New Paltz, 2012

Smaller Footprints: Artists Respond to Climate Change, WEAD, Womens Eco Art Directory. Museum of Art and History, Lancaster, CA, 2015

Hudson Valley Data Jam Expo, Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies, Millbrook, NY May, 2016


The Odyssey in Ancient Art: An Epic in Word and Image, 1992. Authors: Diana Buitron, Beth Cohen, Norman Austin, George Dimock, Thomas Gould, William Mullen,Barry Powell, Michael Simpson. Exhibition catalogue/book. Curators: Diana Buitron and Beth Cohen.

The Transparent Thread: Asian Philosophy in Recent American Art, 1990. Authors, Geri de Paoli and Gail Gelburd. Hard and soft cover books published by Penn State Press. Curators: Geri de Paoli and Gail Gelburd. Toured to Hofstra University, Salina Art Center, University of Houston, Crocker Art Museum, Laguna Art Museum.

Sequence and (CON)Sequence: (SUB)Version of Photography in the 80s, 1989. Authors: Julia Ballerini, Lori Zippay and William S. Wilson. Hard and soft cover books published by Aperture Press. Curator: Julia Ballerini.

The Arts at Black Mountain College, 1987. Author: Mary Emma Harris. Hard and soft cover books published by MIT Press. Curator: Mary Emma Harris. Toured to Grey Gallery, New York University and the North Carolina Museum of Art, Raleigh.

Charmed Places: Hudson River Artists and Their Houses, Studios and Vistas, 1987. Hard and soft cover books published by Harry N. Abrams. Authors, Sandra Phillips, James Marston Fitch, Albert Fein, Donnelson Hoopes, William B. Rhoads. Curator: Sandra Phillips. Toured to the Hudson River Museum and the Albany Institute. Archipenko: Drawings, Reliefs, and Constructions, 1986. Author, Joan Marter

Herakles: Passage of the Hero Through 1000 Years of Classical Art, 1986. Author Jamie Uhlenbrock. Book published by Aristide D. Caratzas, Publisher. Curator: Jamie Uhlenbrock.

The Graphic Legacy of Paul Klee, 1986. Author, Jim Jordan. Exhibition catalogue. Curator: Jim Jordan.

Neo-Neo-Classicism, 1986. Curator: Deborah Drier.

Byrdcliffe: Life by Design. Woodstock’s Original Craft Arts Colony, 1985. Co-curated with Robert Edwards. Toured to the Albany Institute of Art and Design and the Delaware Art Museum. Exhibition catalogue

In Search of the Picturesque: Nineteenth Century Images of Industry Along the Hudson, 1983. Author, Kenneth Maddox. Exhibition catalogue. Toured to the Hudson River Museum and the Albany Institute of History and Art.

Ornament and Glory: Theme and Theory in the Works of Karl Knaths,1982. Authors Jim Young, Jean Young, Judith Rothschild. Exhibition catalogue. Curators: Jim and Jean Young.

Arctic Vision: Art of the Canadian Inuit. The Alaskan Eskimo, The Greenlandic Eskimo, and The History of Arctic Photography
, 1986

Alice Neel: Premiering Works From the 20s, 30s, 40s, and 50s, 1984. Toured to Grimaldas Gallery, Boston

Art as Social Conscience, 1984

Painter-Photographers : The 1930s and the 35mm Camera, 1983. Toured to the Norton Gallery

Interpretations of Reality: Photographs of the North American Indian, 1870-1930, 1982. Toured to Muhlenberg College.

Out of the OOO Cloud: Artists Salute the Return of Haley’s Comet, 1982. Co-curated with Aymon deSalles. Toured to Light Gallery, New York


Can You Spare a Dime? Art of the WPA Era, 1981

Dan Graham: Pavilion Sculpture, 1981

Art in Pursuit of a Smile, 1981

An Enrichment of American Culture: Russian Emigres/ American Immigres, 1981

Women Look at Women: Feminist Art for the 80s, 1981

Vito Acconci:: The Artist is the Anthropologist of His Own Universe, 1980

The Renaissance: Enduring Splendor
, 1980

Masks: Revelations and Disguises, 1980

Radical Realism, 1980

Islam, Judaism, Christianity: Prayer Rug, Menorah, Icon, 1979 Toured to Explorer’s Hall, Washington, D.C.