SUPER Dream Fulfilled?

on Wednesday, 16 April 2014. Posted in Artists, Blog

It was always the intention of SUPERFLEX to maximize the distribution of their artworks, rather than conform to the old fine art adage that values is a product of 'uniqueness' and 'rarity'. Their project "SUPERGAS" seems to be heading in precisely this direction. Malmo Sweden recently announced that its organic waste will now be turned into biogas. It anticipates that 66% of the fuel for the city bus system (and lots of fertilizer) will be produced in this manner. The goal is to achieve 100% which became possible when separating waste became mandatory this year. Signage on buses announce that personal waste = civic fuel. Malmo is also converting waste to energy for the district heating that serves most of the city.

Meanwhile, if you can be in Brooklyn on the weekend of April 26th-27th,you could take a biogas workshop with David House, the author of The Complete Biogas Handbook

 (referred to by some as “the bible of biogas”).The impressive benefits of biogas not only accrue to the environment, but to individuals. A $30 kit enables people to build their own biogas digester. The new, inexpensive, well insulated, 2 cubic meter digester design will be shown, and every participant will be given plans showing how to build it from widely available low-cost materiasl: a $175 value! If these digester cores are kept warm and well fed, they can produce enough gas for a family of 2 or 3 to cook all their meals, just as SUPERFLEX demonstrated. The kits do not include insulation, a gas storage unit, stoves or other appliances.

The promotional material explains: "Biogas is “the original natural gas”. Put together materials similar to those used in making a compost pile, keep the stuff warm, wet, and away from the air, and bingo: a burnable gas is produced. Use it anywhere you might use fossil natural gas, but without the fracking."

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