12/21/12 - Renewal or Doom?

on Saturday, 22 December 2012. Posted in Artists, Blog

12/21/12 marks the winter solstice, a comforting reminder of the predictable patterns that prevail upon the Earth, along with the twice-daily crescendos of the Earth’s waters, the once-daily rotations of the planet, the cosmic source of sunrises and sunsets, the omnipresent authority of gravity. It is the time of year when day time and night time are poised in symmetrical balance. This pause in the annual progressions of time has traditionally been celebrated as an occasion for joyful renewal.

12/21/12 marks Doomsday, as foretold on a calendar produced by the ancient Maya, a civilization that flourished in the rainforests of central America until its mysterious collapse around AD 900.

With neither wheels nor metal tools, the Mayans built massive stone buildings, including observatories to study the movements of the stars and planets and the links between celestial occurences and events on Earth.The remarkable accuracy of their astronomical calculations convinced theorists that today, as cited on the Mayan ‘Long Count’ Calendar, life and its planetary home, would end abruptly.

12/21/12 is now coming to a quiet end. No tidal waves have engulfed the shores. No earthquake has swallowed the lands. No lightning bolt has ignited the planet. There has been no sign of divine wrath.

Yet the truth may lie between the reassurance of the solstice and the devastation marked on the Mayan's long count calendar. The disruption across the planet's systems has been ongoing. It is accelerating. It seems to be intensifying. Yun-Fei Ji, Maya Lin, and Bright Eke mark this dire course - never implying it is irreversible.      

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