Andy Gracie – Humanity’s Fate Determined by a Fly on Saturn’s Moon?

‘Far out’ is a phrase that accurately describes the place in the cosmos where Andy Gracie‘s ongoing project, “Drosophila Titanus”, is destined. It also applies to Gracie’s attempt to merge the outer reaches of scientific exploration and its rigorous methodologies, with the unbounded imagination of an artist. 

Gracie has undertaken a bold initiative to breed a species of fruit fly that is theoretically capable of living on Saturn’s largest moon, Titan. His process of experimentation he employs is artificial selection.While Gracie concedes that the scientific component of his endeavor is a “virtually impossible project to ‘successfully’ complete”, this doomed experiment has produced a very successful work of art in terms of artistic metaphor, poetry and ambiguity, the creative aspects of this project that are not constrained by professional protocols.


Gracie explains, “Concurrently the work embraces several interwoven narratives and concepts related to issues of species, artificially created organisms and the disquieting quest for biological perfection.”

Within the context of contemporary eco art, the work is a sobering reminder of desperate circumstances that my drive humanity to seek refuge on an alternative planet, and the unlikely possibility that such efforts will succeed.