• Marjetica Potrc - Take Only What Conditions Provide

    'On demand' conveniences that our ancestors could never have imagined are becoming the norm. Pervasive demands are regularly applied to quantity, tempo, duration, design, and quality. The principle driving many new technologies asserts the assumption that we humans can and should always get what we want. Two projects are bucking this trend by only providing what the fluctuating conditions of an eco system can supply. This means that when the ecosystem is allowed to dictate the resources available to us, we may not always get what we want. 

    Of Soil and Water: King's Cross Pond ClubContemporary , London (building materials, soil, water, plants, natural filtration, 2015) was designed by Ooze Architectural Firm (Eva Pfannes & Sylvain Hartenberg) in collaboration with Marjetica Potrc. Located on a construction site, this temporary artwork is a micro-ecological environment with a natural swimming pond at its center. Visitors can take a swim in the water that is purified through a natural, closed-loop process using wetland and submerged water plants. But that opportunity is not provided for every visitor who may desire to take the plunge because the daily number of bathers is restricted by the amount of water the plants are able to clean. The project embodies the principle of living in balance with nature!! In this instance, the focus is directed to the delicate balance of conditions that emerge from the relationship between plants and water.




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