• Monsanto - A Laughing Matter?

    The Critical Art Ensemble would probably agree: Monsanto's influence is seeping into distinguished settings it never intended, including a graduation ceremony! It inspired  Jim Carrey who recently served as the guest speaker for the graduating class at Maharishi University of Management (a consciousness university) in Iowa. His sly comments were greeted with enthusiastic laughter and applause. The source of this merriment was the potential environmental disasters of genetically engineered seeds. Iowa is the epi-center of this global problem.  

    Carrey, "I am here today to plalnt a seed, a seed that will insppire you to move forward in life with enthusic hearts and a clear sense of wholeness. The question is.... will that seed be able to take root? Or is it forced to use other seeds which may not be ayervedic?"

    Here are other occasions where Monsanto was the brunt of the joke:

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